Laser Hair Removal

No more shaving, waxing, or tweezing!

Permanent hair reduction is now faster and easier than ever.

An IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser is used to decrease the growth of hair.  This is achieved when the pigment of the hair attracts the light. By targeting the pigmented hair follicle, the follicles are not allowed to regrow.

Results vary based on skin tone, hair type, hormones, medications used, and genetics. Treatments are fast, usually 5-15 minutes. Topical numbing medicine can be prescribed to decrease discomfort prior to treatment.


  • Avoid the sun at least 72 hours before and use sunscreen daily.
  • Shave the desired area the night before treatment.
  • Do not to do any treatments prior to an important event.


  • Avoid the sun at least 72 hours after treatment and use sunscreen daily.
  • If irritation occurs, use aloe vera in the irritated area.

Pay for 5 treatments and get the 6th free!

Location Price
Beard $100
Cheeks (excludes sideburns) $30
Chin $20
Chin and upper lip $30
Ears $20
Eyebrows $10
Face (entire) $75
Forehead (entire) $30
Nose $10
Sideburns $30
Upper lip $20
Widow’s peak $10
Location Price
Upper Body
Abdomen $100
Areolas (each) $15
Arms (upper with elbows) $100
Arms (lower with elbows) $100
Arms (upper and lower) $150
Arms (upper and lower with hands) $170
Back (entire) $150
Back and shoulders $170
Chest $100
Fingers $10
Hands (includes fingers) $30
Neck (front) $50
Neck (back) $50
Shoulders $50
Underarms $35
Full body (women) $500
Full body (men) $750
Location Price
Lower Body
Bikini (in/out panty line) $50
Bikini and inner buttocks $60
Brazilian bikini $100
Brazilian bikini and inner buttocks $120
Buttocks (inner only) $30
Buttocks (cheeks only) $100
Buttocks (cheeks and inner) $150
Feet (includes toes) $20
Legs (lower with knees) $150
Legs (upper with knees) $150
Legs (upper and lower) $250
Legs (upper and lower with feet) $270
Naval line $20
Toes $10